Kaumarbhritya is one of the most important branch amongst Astanga Ayurveda as it deals with prevention and cure of childhood diseases. The aim of this branch is better development of children, tomorrow’s future. “A healthy and brilliant child is a National wealth”. Tomorrow’s nation is built on today’s healthy child! The children are prone for many diseases because of their immature immune system.
There is a wide scope for Ayurved in pediatric practice eg.
To increase immunity of child.
To provide best mental health case.
Excellent supportive management of malnutrition.
Management of allergic disorders, especially respiratory allergies.
Management of genetic disorders like DMD and other myopathies
This branch has various specialties for new born & growing children. Dietary and behavioral guidelines, maintains the healthy status of a child & all round development. From diagnostic & the treatment point of view children are delicate & this branch help from every point of view, for the same.